International organization

Train with us anywhere!

Fma Academy is a part of the Applied Eskrima Global.
An International organization with representation in more then 30 countries and states!

As a student with us, we offer you personal contact with top instructors around the globe.
And discount prizes if you like to travel and train Applied Eskrima in other countries.

Below you will find a list of countries with Certified Instructors and Representatives.

A Certified Instructor
– An individual who is certified to instruct on one or more modules of the Applied Eskrima System. These individuals have passed an extensive written, oral, and practical examination directly under Grand Master Virgil Cavada. Levels of certification are noted after each name.
The certificate is valid for 2 years, then they have to do a test again to preserve the quality and standard.

A Representative – An individual who is actively pursuing training and certification in the basic module of Applied Eskrima who has received special authorization from Grand Master Virgil Cavada to run a training group in order to facilitate their furthering education.


Sweden: Certified Instructor!


Other countries:

Australia: (Representative)

Brazil: (Representative)
Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza

Canada: (Representative)

Chile: (Representative)

Denmark: (Representative)

Finland: (Representative)

France: (Representative)

India: (Representative)
Kolkata, Bangalore

Irland: (Representative)

Italy: (Representative)

Mexico: (Representative)

New Zealand: (Representative)

Norway: (Representative)

Philippines: (Certified Instructor)
Cebu, Manila

Kazakhstan: (Representative)

Romania: (Representative)

Russia: (Representative)

Slovenia: (Representative)

Barcelona – (Certified Instructor)
Alicante   – (Representative)

Tarragona – (Representative)

Ukraine: (Representative)

United Kingdom: (Representative)

USA: (Certified Instructors and Representatives)
Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Chicago, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky,
Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia.